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About ABA Therapy Services

ABA Therapy Services is a private agency providing high-quality, research-based Applied Behavior Analytical (ABA) therapy to individuals of all ages diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Our goal is for individuals with autism to  gain the skills necessary to reach their full potential by creating a program specific to each person's needs. These programs are  designed to increase adaptive behavior and decrease challenging behaviors that interfere with the individual's learning or functioning throughout the day. We provide services for individuals in the environments in which they need assistance, including the home, community, and office settings.

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the science-based on understanding behavior, and making socially meaningful and positive changes to behavior. It is an evidence-based practice in which a systematic intervention is implemented to decrease problem behavior and increase adaptive behavior. ABA is a highly effective strategy used with individuals of all ages diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities. Since the 1960s, there has been an abundance of research conducted demonstrating the effectiveness of ABA for individuals with autism and developmental disabilities. In fact, in 1999, the United States Surgeon General concluded that “Thirty years of research demonstrated the efficacy of applied behavioral methods in reducing inappropriate behavior and in increasing communication, learning and appropriate social behavior.”

Research has demonstrated that ABA is effective in increasing behavior and teaching new skills (Odom, Brown, Frey, Karasu, Smith-Canter, 2003; Krantz & McClanahan, 1998, Lovaas, 1987, Smith,1999, & Sheinkopf & Siegel, 1998). In addition, a large amount of research has demonstrated that ABA is effective in decreasing challenging behavior (Risley, 1968; Horner, et al, 2002; Carr & Durand, 1985; Iwata, Pace, Cowdery, & Miltenberger, 1994; Meyer, 1999; Newcomer & Lewis, 2004).

ABA programs should be individually tailored to the learning needs of the individual. Interventions are systematically applied based on the principles of ABA to increase socially acceptable behavior and decrease challenging behavior. The interventions are introduced, data are collected, and the data are used to make decisions about the effectiveness of the intervention. Effective interventions are continued, while changes are made when interventions are not effective.

Please contact the office at (516) 294 - 5000 to schedule an initial consultation with our Clinical Director,
Dr. Tricia Moss, or to ask any question s regarding our services.