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October 28, 2021

Autism and Social Skills: Helping Your Child Thrive

By ABA Psychological Services

To understand the connection between social skills and autism, we need to start by identifying some of these skills. For children, social skills begin to emerge and develop at a very young age.
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October 5, 2021


By ABA Psychological Services

There are many types of professionals in the autism field, and BCBAs play a crucial role in providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services. A BCBA is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who owns a master’s degree in behavior analysis, education, or psychology from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB).
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September 3, 2021


By ABA Psychological Services

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a form of therapy designed to improve the social, communication, and learning skills of people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), or other developmental conditions.
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